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Our Mission

To fulfill Allah's command "and proclaim the Hajj among men…" (22:27), that they may fulfill the fifth pillar of which the foundation of the religion of Al-Islam is built. To aid and facilitate in the complete preparation, education, and implementation of the rites of Hajj as provided by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a way that is pleasing to Allah (swt).


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We sincerely pray that you, your family, and loved ones are safe and well and continue to take all the required precautions against the Covid-19 pandemic while putting your trust in Our Creator in whose Hand is the cure for all diseases. 

  We are grateful and truly appreciate the trust you have placed in us for your Hajj journey. We are aware of the importance of this journey to Allah and the significance it has to all of our valued guests, particularly with it being canceled last year. 

Hajj 2021

The pandemic is worse now in the world than it was in mid-2020. With a recent surge in cases and variants of the virus around the world, we expect that Hajj 2021 is likely to be similar to Hajj 2020, where there are restrictions on capacity as well as those who can travel. Even with the vaccine, which is not readily available in most countries, it is very unlikely that these restrictions are going to be lifted and that we would return to a normal Hajj. In fact, if Hajj 2021 is open to international pilgrims, we expect the capacity will be significantly reduced and there will be changes to the entire process and program, including possible quarantine upon arrival and before departure as well as other restrictions in accommodations, transportation, meal services, etc.

  At this time, we do not have a timeframe for when the detailed Hajj instructions and guidance will be provided, if any, by the relevant Saudi authorities.

  It is important to us that we honor the trust that you have put in us and therefore, we have devised three options for you to review and then select your preferred option:

  Option 1 - Reschedule your Hajj booking for 2021
-         Keep a $2,500 per person deposit
-         Review the programs and be first in line!
-         Option to get a full refund if required with no cancelation fees (usually $500)
Recommended Option for total peace of mind for your Hajj booking with no loss of funds

Option 2 - Cancel your Hajj booking and receive a full refund
-        Receive a full refund (please allow 21 to 30 days to process the refund)
-·       No cancelation fees apply (usually $500)

Option 3 - Wait for restrictive & limited Hajj 2021 packages to be published, if any
-·        It will be based on Saudi Ministry’s restrictions & guidelines about Covid-19. There is no known date of when such direction will be provided
-        We expect the limited packages, if any, will be restrictive as to itinerary,
accommodations, and transportation and will not be similar to any of our packages we usually offer in terms of pricing and services.
-·       There is no known availability date of these packages



May Allah (swt) grant the intended Hajj travelers an invitation to His house this year and an acceptable Hajj.